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October Tax Tips & News

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New Employee Shareholder Status
The Government thinks that employees who own shares in their employing company feel more involved in that business and hence are happy and loyal employees. So it has introduced a new share scheme from 1st September 2013 which allows you, as an employer, t Read More...
Contractor Loan Schemes
Have you taken part in a contractor loan scheme? This is a tax saving scheme which was widely sold to workers in personal service industries, such as IT contractors. Read More...
Child Benefit if Your Child is 16 or Over
If you have a child aged 16, check whether you are still receiving all the child benefit and child tax credits you expect to. Read More...
VAT on Sale of Commercial Buildings
When purchasing or selling a commercial property one of the first things to establish is whether VAT will be applied to the price of the property. Read More...
October Question and Answer Section
Q. There is an offer in my area to lease an electric car for two years, to help test the electric charging infrastructure installed by the council. Can my company take advantage of the tax breaks if I lease the car? Read More...
October Key Tax Dates
1 - Due date for payment of Corporation Tax for the year ended 31 December 2012 Read More...
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