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Mad Marketing Ideas

Here are a few examples of some more off the wall, out of the box type thinking marketing ideas. Try to use them as a basis for your own ideas or as inspiration to come up with your own. Being unusual or eccentric will often pay dividends...

  • A restaurant owner could get in a taxi, talks to the driver all about his restaurant and end up back at his restaurant without going anywhere. He gets the undivided attention of the Taxi Driver for just a few pounds. He can then offer him a free meal. Taxi drivers are an excellent source of referrals for restaurants.
  • On a wine list, have humorous description such as "What To Drink When Lost In A Desert".
  • Hire assistants for the day to make your office look busy when you're a new business without customers.
  • Send your own label wine as gifts.
  • Send a DVD or CD with your sales message on. When you use digital media to send a sales message they can't be skim read like sales letters and they have to listen to them in the order you've recorded them.
  • Create your own holidays or special days and you can even enter them into Chases Calendar Of Events.
  • Put signs advertising your business up in front of your house and ask all your friends if you can do the same. You can probably get away with doing this for a short period and end up with signs all around town. They should at least let people know what you do and have your phone number on.
  • Ring all of the competitors in Yellow Pages looking for any phone lines that are now disconnected. Then ring BT and ask for the number to be allocated to you, which you then put on divert to your normal line. You'll then pick up any prospects looking for your type of service.
  • We accept Burger King Coupons and give double value.
  • Offer to take over certain segments of a business not fitting in with a competitors client profile such as small clients and vice versa. You don't want trouble clients so look to lose them and even better if you can lose them to competitors.

And finally "My Accountant Thinks I'm Crazy Sale"

This is a tongue in cheek sales letter that talks about your annoyance at your nagging, domineering, penny pinching, scrooge-ish accountant. How he bullies you, pushes you around and watches you like a hawk...but now he's out of town on vacation for the week and you're going to have some fun... with the wildest, most generous offers in the history of your business.

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